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Political junkies rejoice! ElectionCaster is the most comprehensive
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No more checking dozens of news sites and blogs, plus your
local newspaper, for political news. Whether you're a Democrat,
Republican or Independent, ElectionCaster has you covered
with news and commentary from both sides of the aisle.

You'll get National coverage from the New York Times, Wall
Street Journal, and many more. Plus you'll get great local
coverage from your city, the best of the blogosphere, and
the latest polls. You'll even see the top tweets from Twitter!

Key Features

  • National
    News and commentary from New York Times, Wall
    Street Journal, Washington Post, RealClearPolitics,
    Politico and more
  • Local
    News and blogs from local sources in over 200 markets
  • Blogs
    The most influential political blogs--both liberal and conservative--in the market, including Huffington Post, Hot Air, Think Progress and National Review
  • Polls
    The most up-to-date polls on election races, public opinion and various issues of note
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